Local History by L. J. Pryor – a look at Local History in 1946

The Narre Warren & District Family History Group has a collection of the Education Gazette and Teachers’ Aid journal. They were published by the Education Department of Victoria between 1900 and 1992 and list teacher appointments, Education Department regulations and news; and guides and resources for various subjects amongst other information.

I came across this interesting article  from the  Supplement to the Education Gazette and Teachers’ Aid Vol. 3, No. 1 February 1946 –  Local History by L. J. Pryor* The article promotes the idea that children who study local history will give them an interest and ‘intelligent attitude’ to world history and world affairs. The author has provided a list of  various topics that could be the subject of projects –
1. Local topography, climate and vegetation
2. Aborigines
3. European Exploration
4. Pioneer settlement
5. Stories of the early days
6. Development of the district
7. Development of transport and communication
8. Municipal history
9. Special topics e.g.eminent personages
10. Historic Monuments

There was also a list of potential sources of information
1. General history books and magazines
2. Explorers narratives
3. Government Documents
4. Newspaper files
5. Cemetery records
6. Personal records such as letters, diaries and photographs

It’s an interesting look at Local History – you can read the full article here    local-history-by-l-j-pryor

*Leonard John Pryor (1912 – 1991). The Prahran Mechanics’ Institute has a book on L.J. Pryor – Len Pryor leading teacher educator, 1912-1991 : the life and times of L. J. Pryor  by Geoff Pryor (published by the author in 2012). He was

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