Obituary of Mrs Joy Coleman

Joy Coleman, who passed away at the age of 87 on August 21, 2017,  was a foundation member of both the Hastings Western Port Historical Society in June 1973 and the Somerville Tyabb & District Heritage Society in 1996. Mrs Coleman (nee Webb) grew up in Somerville and lived in the area all her life, she was connected to the early Somerville famillies – the Webbs and the Unthanks and married into the Coleman family, another early, local family.  Mrs Coleman was one of our guest speakers at our 2012 Hastings Discovery School.  An interesting and informative obituary written by Peter McCullough was published in the Mornington Peninsula News and the Western Port News on October 10, 2017 – here is the link to the original

You can also read it in PDF version here    Joy Coleman obituary

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