Place names on the coast of Victoria by Eric Bird

Dr Eric Bird, the author of a number of books including The coast of Victoria: the shaping of scenery, Coastal Geomorphology: an introductionThe entrance to the Gippsland Lakes and The silt jetties of the Mitchell River complied a list called Place names on the coast of Victoria in 2006.

I have an interest in place names and used it when I made up my list of Place names of the Casey Cardinia region.  Dr Bird’s list has been in PDF form on various sites on the Internet, but I went to look for it today and the original link I had didn’t work, but I found it on the Beaumaris Conservation Society website

Anyway, as it covers some of the area covered by the SEHA I thought I would add a link to the document here to give this interesting document more exposure.


P.S – Dr. Eric Bird has a brand new edition of his work ‘Melbourne’s Bayside Geology and Scenery’. For example, if you would like to know how Red Bluff was formed and what it is composed of, and how old it is, you will find the answers in there. Go to the Shop at Sandringham & District Historical Society  website,

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