Reports from the May 2016 meeting

Here are the reports from the May 2016 meeting which was hosted by the Dromana & District Historical Society.


The content of these reports are the sole responsibility of each individual Society and do not necessarily reflect the views of the South Eastern Historical Association. In future, if you do not want your report posted on our website then please notify the Secretary.

2 thoughts on “Reports from the May 2016 meeting”

  1. Heather, just received this email and although I have clicked on the Reports from May 2016 meeting I can’t get the individual reports to come up so that I can read them. Could you please help? Am I on the right page to get them? What do I have to click to read them.
    Thanks Heather

  2. Hi Heather,
    I have tried again and this time I was able to access the reports. I think my computer is getting old or something as I tried before without success (had tried the right one but it did not come up then). Therefore, thanks,but I am right. It just goes to verify the old saying “Try, try try again!”.


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