Our Boys at the Front

I am sure everyone involved with the SEHA will join me in congratulating the Mornington & District Historical Society on their win in the “Best collaborative community work” category of the Victorian Community History Awards 2011.

Their entry “Our Boys at the Front” (book & DVD) gives an account of the Great War through local eyes and is based on the Peninsula Post’s news, letters from the front, etc. From today’s Souvenir Brochure ” It is an excellent example of a local history that illustrates the interconnectedness of its community with dominating world events.”

This a great resource for anyone who had family living on the Mornington Peninsula during the time of the Great War and is available from the society.

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  1. To whom it may concern,
    I am the great granddaughter of Geroge and Emily Stone of Mornington. They had at least 3 sons serve in the Great War. One of their sons, Roy Stone, was killed when he was in one of the first boats to land on Galipoli on April 25th. He was aged 20 at the time. Another brother Clive was killed on the Western front a little later. My granndfather, Hughie Stone, served in France and suffered shell shock for the rest of his life. My grandfather also lost his eldest of 3 sons at the fall of Singapore, the day before his 21st birthday in the second world war. My father,Jack Stone, served in the navy towards the end of the second world was and was sent to Japan not long after Hiroshima. The Stone family has certainloy made immense sacrifices for their country. I would like to purchase the book and DVD “Our Boys At The Front.” Where can I obtain this please? Can I purchase it on line? I live in Melbourne. Kind regards, Margaret McGain (nee Stone)

    1. Dear Margaret,

      The book, Our Boys At The Front (book and DVD), was published by the Mornington & District Historical Society. This is their website http://morningtondistricthistory.org.au/ Click on sale items and then there is a list of publications, which you can order on-line, including this book. Your family certainly has made a significant contribution to Australia’s war effort.

      Best wishes,


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