Shire Presidents and Mayors of Caulfield and Moorabbin Councils

The City of Glen Eira website contains a useful history of the Shire /City of Caulfield and the Shire/City of Moorabbin. It also has a list of Shire Presidents and Mayors of both Councils. The Caulfield list starts at 1857 when the Road Board was established and the Moorabbin list from 1862 when the Road Board was established. Access the history here

Shire /City of Caulfield Presidents and Mayors 1857 to 1994

Shire/City on Moorabbin Presidents and Mayors 1962 to 1994

There is list of Shire Presidents, Mayors and Councillors of the Shire /City of Dandenong, the Shire of Springvale & Noble Park and the City of Springvale here

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